Structured Finance & Business Development

Structured Finance & Business Development

MCBL engages in business and infrastructure development in Sub Saharan Africa.

That development will require the strengthening of the services sector, of which we are a part, and which it is important to develop locally, in its support of the infrastructure required for new industrialisation and enhancing the benefits to Africa of its traditional natural resources.

Structured Finance

Our team has long standing and developed relationships with traditional and market entrant sources of finance for infrastructure projects now that Africa is a focus for investment opportunities.

Business development

We act as advisors on business development projects to identify and co- ordinate with financiers and developers taking a long term view of participation in projects through management and integration of professional services which form part of a client’s project delivery.

Our Team’s experience and capability in cross sector and professional services enable us to monitor the viability, progress and delivery of Public and Private sector projects.